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Neues Buch über BPM-Systeme erschienen

December 11, 2009


Das neue Buch unseres BPM Nexus Kollegen Alexander Samarin ist nunmehr unter dem Titel “Improving enterprise business process management systems” erschienen. Bevor wir im nächsten taraneon Newsletter detaillierter darauf eingehen, vorab schon einmal die Kurzbeschreibung:

This book looks at the following three concepts of BPM:

  • [the theory] BPM as a management disciple;
  • [the tools] BPM as a software (BPM suite);
  • [the practice] BPM as a portfolio of the business processes of an enterprise, and the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio (BPM system).

In particular this book concentrates on the last concept which is often neglected although all enterprises need it. This book will help you to industrialise enterprise BPM systems. It describes a holistic approach to the application of BPM and SOA for improving enterprise business performance, including

  • how to use architecture to reduce complexity,
  • how to use a BPM reference model and BPM artefacts,
  • tips on mastering the most difficult aspect – people,
  • guidelines on the modelling with BPMN,
  • recommendations for designing flexible systems, and
  • in-depth discussion about the link with enterprise architecture.

Improving enterprise business process management systems
By Alexander Samarin
Published: October, 2009
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(Color)
Pages: 212
Size: 7×10
ISBN: 9781426902567

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